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Welcome to the website of my law office.

My law office has set itself the goal of preventing disputes through efficient legal advice, and particularly of solving commercial law conflicts amicably, i.e. with the best economic result for further co-operation between the parties. The complexity of the economic correlations existing on the national and international market makes it necessary to prevent conflict rather than to fuel it.


For businesses, conflict prevention means gaining the right knowledge, implementing this early on, applying an economic solution consistent with the current national and international laws, and therefore creating and maintaining the best conditions for a healthy corporate structure. This includes formulating legal opinions, and providing extensive advice on issues of competition law, trademark rights, copyright and commercial law. A business’ success crucially depends on successful implementation of the corporate objectives. The contractual bases play an important role here.

We particularly also deal with conflicts between businesses from different countries, who require a solution as part of arbitration proceedings, an extrajudicial settlement between the parties, or the legal implementation of claims in Germany or in relation to German law.

My law office’s clientele thus not only includes German companies, but also international firms from Europe and Asia.


In private matters, conflict prevention is often also the better approach, due to long, expensive processes and overstretched courts. The aim of seeing eye to eye with one another is frequently obstructed by a legal dispute. Taking into account all the facts and circumstances, which led to a conflict is also of crucial importance for solving the conflict. It ultimately determines the strategy, which leads you to your goal. In short: Although a case can be successful, a sensible solution is possibly of much greater value to you in the long-term. This applies for labour law conflicts, as well as for family law conflicts, e.g. through an amicable divorce.


At the same time, it is sometimes necessary to asset one’s claim regardless of the consequences, and without giving up one’s rights. My law office will also gladly assist you here, after a detailed discussion.


Browse through this website at your leisure, and get an insight into what we do. You can access the individual pages by hovering the cursor over the page and then right clicking on the grey highlighted texts.


Please do not hesitate to contact us if we can be of assistance to you.

We have set up a special, password-protected page for our clients, where you will, in future, be able to find out the latest status of your proceedings.