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RA Robert Nieporte

RA Dr. Konrad Zürbig



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Brotstrasse. 1
54290 Trier

Tel.: 0651/99 46 9- 550
0651/99 46 9- 456



1. Haydnstraße 1
54636 Bitburg

Tel.: 06561/ 6 93 71 50
Fax: 06561/ 6 93 71 50

2. Weiherfeld 12
66679 Losheim am See
Tel.: 06872/ 50 500 27
Fax: 06872/50 500 51

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In order to be able to initially classify your legal problem, you will find a brief overview of the different legal areas on this page. This is to give you confidence, and prepare you for the first consultation with your lawyer. More information of importance to the lawyer, and which will prepare you for this initial consultation, will be added to these pages shortly. The following basic principle applies:



"Only those who have completely understood the facts are able to identify and solve the legal problem."

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At this point, we would like to mention that taking out legal protection insurance can be beneficial to you. This should be adapted to your personal insurance needs. More products, which can be extremely profitable for you are now also being offered for businesses.

If you have already taken out such insurance, the lawyer will be happy to check this to ensure it meets your personal needs. This will help you plan your lawyer requirements and anticipate the costs of these.